Cannot sync calendar with Linux apps


Just migrated from old OwnCloud to Nextcloud 15, I cannot get calendar to sync with Linux calendar apps.

Thunderbird Lightning : account seems to go in OK, but nothing happens - btw, this is what I used with the OwnCloud install and it worked perfectly

Gnome Calendar : can’t get past account setup, says “Cannot find WebDAV endpoint”

Fortunately, my SONY Xperia running Sailfish syncs no problem !

What am I doing wrong ?


Also had problems with TB. Now i use the plugin “CardBook”. Works great

Under Ubuntu, Gnome has an Online Account settings that now integrates Nextcloud. Works great !

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Thanks for the suggestion. I want to sync calendar data, not vCards (contacts).

However, it got me digging. So, I just tried the TBsync addon w/ the required Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV plugin, didn’t work.

I’m on Mint 19 Cinnamon. Found the equivalent thing in System Settings though.

Didn’t work, same error as Gnome Calendar “Cannot find webDAV endpoint”

maybe this can help : Solus and deja-dup

Got it to work in Gnome Calendar !!!

Needed to add only the base server address, not the calendar part.

Thanks for the help.

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Me too. Just installed NextCloud at my hosting provider, but I cannot get Thunderbird/Mint Linux to sync the Calendar, using the recommended Lightning 6.2.7. The relevant account information enters fine in TB, but it never syncs.

The contact file threw one error, but seems fine since then.

network.cookie.same-site.enabled = false

Any suggestions are welcome, especially since the Help files at Next Cloud seem to be not quite in sync with the current Thunderbird.

I gave up on Lightning …

  • went to Mint’s System Settings > Online Accounts > Add Account > Nextcloud and entered the base URL, user and pwd for my Nextcloud install.

  • my install uses a local SSL certificate, so had to add the exception,

  • you can choose what it is you want to sync, I chose just calendar.

  • instead of Lightning, I have been using Gnome Calendar and Gnome Todo, they synced both ways instantly and I am very happy.

I ve been using the system online accounts for a couple of years, now for some reason I can sync only contacts (the calendar option is not there any more) any hint?

This happened after I had to reset my desktop interface.
I am running OpenSuse 15 with KDE


Hi everyone,

I’ve bumped into this calendar sync issue in elementary OS (Debian based). The general CalDal endpoint does not work for me but instead specifying and adding individual calendar links works flawlessly. I’ve already posted an answer on the elementary OS StackExchange site - perhaps the same approach works for others as well.