Cannot start Spreed.ME-app


I cannot run Spreed.ME app on my server. I followed this guide and I got it running previously but this time it isn’t working. I tried it twice and still cannot find the error. This is why I am asking you.

I am running NC 10.0.2 on a RasPi3 with running nginx.

My header looks like this:

and Spreed.ME is not starting.

server.conf from /spreed-webrtc-master
nginx server config

Anyone an idea?

Kind regards

Could you provide the spreed-webrtc-server log? Was it successfully starting and recognizing some request from the app?

yes, it is running:

pi@winter-pi:~ $ ps -e |grep spreed
 3253 ?        00:00:00 spreed-webrtc-s
pi@winter-pi:~ $

Not sure where to find the logfile.

Anyhow, I guess it is more related to the nextcloud configuration and its implementation of Spreed.ME. As shown in the initial post, it looks like a session in a session once I try to start Spreed.ME app.

I found the solution. I had faulty nginx server config. Followed these steps and now it is working perfectly fine.

Well :slight_smile: !

Beside: In your server.conf you could configure a log:

;logfile = /var/log/spreed-webrtc-server.log

For testing you could also start the server via terminal, where the log is shown then.