Cannot see messages in mailbox?

Hello! my issue is that when the mailbox syncs (tried the same info with different apps and they all work except nextcloud, so i know the issue is on nextcloud’s end) it shows the emails as “no subject” and blank message. i think its showing exactly how many emails that are in each folder… i guess the message themselves aren’t syncing. but it used to. as soon as i updated to the newest nextcloud install, it stopped working and now i can’t read anything. what is the problem? it doesn’t seem to fix when i disable and delete and reenable mail. it also says its syncing like 25k messages when theres only 35 in my mailbox since i just set up the server. i checked, no spam… and no other mail app seems to be doing this. there’s just something up with nextcloud. any ideas?

tried removing the plugin completely and reinstalling but it seems to keep the config? nothing changes.

i figured out it’s only my mailbox. any way i can clear just my user? … i can’t delete my user because i have valuable stuff on decks and task list and files and stuff… so i need a way just to clear out my mail plugin and reset it. it’d be ok to reset it for other users too… worse case senario, they have to just sign back into it using the automatic method that works just fine on my server

well, my user could see his mailbox for just a moment before it went back to unreadable. i don’t know whats wrong with this plugin… i simply have to discontinue use of it even though i liked it. i put a pdf i made of how to set up your mail accounts with thunderbird, outlook, and your phone and stuff in with the default documents nextcloud gives you when you first login… and then i used another plugin to do an external link as the mailbox app icon so it just points to roundcube for mail, which works perfect but doesn’t integrate into the phone app :<

unless anyone has any advice, that’s my solution.

I am using version 24.0.3 and have the same problem. It is a fresh new installation using the official docker container. Weird is that new message are shown correctly.

i’m using the same exact version. Whats weird is that some messages are showing up for you? do they go away when you reload back to everything being a “?” ? even new mail shows as ? for me.

Okay I fixed it by simply deleting the mail account and setting it up again. I have also disabled and reenabled the mail app before that. Maybe all this steps helped.

deleting the mailbox user through the smtp server, not just deleting the mailbox on nextcloud? idk if i’ve tried that, but i’ve definately deleted the account on nextcloud a few dozen times trying to set up everything again

I have just deleted the Mail Account in the Mail app

ah, thanks. trying this didn’t work. i’m glad it worked for you though!