Cannot run nextcloud client in windows 7 32bit

my client use windows 7 - 32bit and want install nextcloud client, but see the error when launch software. Anyone help?

The installer doesn’t check if it is a 32bit system, but it installs only 64bit binaries. Here is a bug report with no answer yet:

Same issue here, and added a comment on that bug report.

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Hey all,

I built the Desktop Client for 32-bit Windows a few hours ago:

Tested on Windows 10 (1709), more testing on older systems would be appreciated! :wink:

Thanks and have fun!


Ihad the same problem on Windows 7 32bit.
Just installed from
and it works

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As promised after a vast amount of work and perhaps a little over-escalation :joy_cat: :

A new build system and instructions. Happy building! :slight_smile: