Cannot redeclare LocalHomeMountProvider

Hi there,

I have installed NextCloud AIO and most of it is running fine. But there is one thing that keeps me busy finding a solution and actually don’t know how to solve the problem.

When I try to open Files or a Talk thread where I have shared a file, I get the following error in log file:

Cannot declare class OC\Files\Mount\LocalHomeMountProvider, because the name is already in use at /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Mount/LocalHomeMountProvider.php#31

I am not sure how this error is possible because there is only one file that defines a class called LocalHomeMountProvider in the namespace OC\Files\Mount. And each autoload function should only load this class if it has not been defined beforehand.

The only files that static define the class name are the following five files:

./lib/private/Server.php:94:use OC\Files\Mount\LocalHomeMountProvider;
./lib/private/Server.php:984:			$manager->registerHomeProvider(new LocalHomeMountProvider());
./lib/private/Files/Mount/LocalHomeMountProvider.php:31:class LocalHomeMountProvider implements IHomeMountProvider {
./lib/composer/composer/autoload_classmap.php:1193:    'OC\\Files\\Mount\\LocalHomeMountProvider' => $baseDir . '/lib/private/Files/Mount/LocalHomeMountProvider.php',
./lib/composer/composer/autoload_static.php:1226://        'OC\\Files\\Mount\\LocalHomeMountProvider' => __DIR__ . '/../../..' . '/lib/private/Files/Mount/LocalHomeMountProvider.php',

They look good to me. But I know that there is also the database table oc_mounts that defines the used mount provider class, e. g. LocalHomeMountProvider.

Actually, I am not sure where to locate the error.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Okay, I am getting closer: I detected that the problem only occurs on the root level. Subfolders are working fine.