Cannot open files locally using Collabora Office on Android

I have been unable to open files on Android using Collabora Office (but also LibreOffice Viewer) as long as I can remember. When I click on the file, Collabora Office keeps stopping - this happens for a multitude of Android devices. What I have typically done to work around this, is simply open the Collabora Office app and look for the file by browsing the file system.

I could not find a similar issue using web search and the Nextcloud forum search.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Are there any logs that could help me pinpoint this issue?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I am on the latest versions of Nextcloud server (27.1.1), Nextcloud client (3.25.0) and Collabora Office (

Should be the same issue as described here:
Cannot open Office files via the android app after Nextcloud 27.1 upgrade (and link to bug report)

As I see it right, it still is not fixed. Affected are Nextcloud 24 to 27.

The issue you refer to is not related, as far as I understand.

My issue is not caused by Collabora Online, as I do not have it installed, but rather to opening the file locally with the Collabora Office app on Android.

I am completely new to Nextcloud but i think i have the same problem.
Trying to open files like .xlsx or .docx with the Android app at first was trying to do it with the Google apps, which did not work.
Then i installed the Collabora office app and i get the same behaviour you described, the app would either stop/crash while opening the document or just show the apps start page.

Opening the documents via the browser works (on desktop as well as mobile) but that is not a good solution on mobile…

i am using Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.0)

I just wanted to clarify that this behavior cannot be observed when opening the exact same file via another application (e.g. file manager or messenger).

Any hints how to pinpoint this issue? I will gladly open an issue on GitHub…