Cannot open files from full text search on Android App


I am running NextCloud 24.0.8 with following search plugins:

Full text search 24.0.0
Full text search - Elasticsearch Platform 24.0.1
Full text search - Files 24.0.1
Full text search - Files - Tesseract OCR 24.0.0

In web app everything is working fine. I can search through file names and content and open my files.

On my Android (13) Phone I experience some issue in NextCloud App (3.23.0): When I search for some string, it shows me files with string in filename and files with string in content. When I tap on a file with string in filename it opens the file, but when I tap on a file with string in content it’s just loading to death and doesn’t open that file. So full text search itself seems to be fine, but I cannot open files found by it. When I navigate to that file through folder structure I can open that file with no issues, so there cannot be an issue with file itself.

Any ideas what could be the issue? Thanks in advance!