cannot mount an external disk with SMB - please help

hello dear community!

I have just installed nextcloud on a LXC under proxmox. Which also worked wonderfully. However, I aktell in the external disk implementation with SMB do not get on and hope you can help me!?

Shortly to the actual situation:
The disk I would like to integrate into nexcloud as an external disk is also in my server, but it has already been assigned to OMV, which has also been installed as a VM in proxmox.

The additional programs I have properly installed:

The hard disk I would like to point to is called β€œMain folder2”.
the host is: and except username and password this should have been all the necessary information.
I integrate with this information my other hard disk also with SMB under Windows11 permanently.

Unfortunately, no connection is made.
i have already set the IP with \\ then with, then without additional characters, nothing works

(unfortunately i am not able to upload a screenshot here, so i have to use an external medium)

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards!

  • Remove the / at the end of the IP address
  • Change NAS to /

If still not working, check your Nextcloud Logs