Cannot modify shared files through WebDAV (Windows)


I am mounting a WebDAV (windows) access to my NextCloud server using RClone.
Even though it is working smoothly, I am facing an issue:

I have two users (user1 and user2). When I share a folder from user1 to user2 (with all the rights), if user2 tries to edit a file (*.docx for example), Microsoft word in user2’s computer (windows) opens it in read only mode. He cannot edit it.
But user1 can edit it from his Windows with no issues.

Is there anythning I can configure in my server in order to prevent this from happening?

Thanks a lot.

My best regards.

You put too many movng parts into the game. Please try to isolate the issue to very simple task e.g. share plain text file and see if you can perform simple operations like update, delete or rename - this will show if there is a problem with the share (RClone) or with your application (MS Word has lot of bad habits). Once you know where the problem comes from you can dig deeper into the problem…

That’s a good one, thanks @wwe .

After doing some tests, if I connect with an user I shared a folder with. I can create *.txt files but then I cannot modify them.

But this doesn’t only happens with files saved in a shared folder. If I create a file in my own space, I have the same result. I can create files but not modify them afterwards.

I create *.txt through: right click->New Text Document (txt). I can even rename it. After that I open the file I just created (with the notepad), write something in it and when I try to save (File->Save), i get prompted the “Save as…” windows dialog, instead of just saving the file.


From your description it sounds the other user mounts WebDAV read-only for some reason…