Cannot Login With iOS App

Hello, I am running Nextcloud 21 under docker with mariadb and nginix-fpm. I can login on a web browser (Safari) but I cannot login on the iOS app. At login I get the following error in the photo about NSURLErrorDomain Error -999. Any ideas? It seems like a fairly generic error.


I’m seeing exactly the same Error trying to connect a new user to my sync app on ios… funnily the address (url) is not a https address but http although my server is on https… there might be the issue …

I’m using NC 21 on Docker w/ mariadb and nginx-proxy-manager… all seems to work fine except for this issue

Well :slight_smile:
it seem I found the solution for my problem.
As I guessed before it was somehow related with http instead of https url (see above).
I found that adding the following line in config.php solved the issue:

‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’,

Maybe that helps you too !!??

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Thank you, that worked for me as well!

YEY!! This worked for me too!! Thanks a lot

This worked for me as well!

For those using the snap installation (like me), these are the commands you’ll need:

nextcloud.occ config:system:set overwriteprotocol --value="https"
snap restart nextcloud

I am running nextcloud inside docker container and had the same issue of not being able to access the container outside my nextwork. The solution for me was to change the docker container IP address to the remote port forwarded (outside world address your iPhone looks at) address and not the internal local host address (192.x.x.x).

It works for me too. Thank you very much.

This still fixes the error in nc 24.0.3!

Thanks alot!

Thanks, this solution fixed my problem with Nextcloud 24.0.4 and iOS 15.6.1.

It works for me too.