Cannot Login With iOS App

Hello, I am running Nextcloud 21 under docker with mariadb and nginix-fpm. I can login on a web browser (Safari) but I cannot login on the iOS app. At login I get the following error in the photo about NSURLErrorDomain Error -999. Any ideas? It seems like a fairly generic error.

I’m seeing exactly the same Error trying to connect a new user to my sync app on ios… funnily the address (url) is not a https address but http although my server is on https… there might be the issue …

I’m using NC 21 on Docker w/ mariadb and nginx-proxy-manager… all seems to work fine except for this issue

Well :slight_smile:
it seem I found the solution for my problem.
As I guessed before it was somehow related with http instead of https url (see above).
I found that adding the following line in config.php solved the issue:

‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’,

Maybe that helps you too !!??

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Thank you, that worked for me as well!

YEY!! This worked for me too!! Thanks a lot

This worked for me as well!

For those using the snap installation (like me), these are the commands you’ll need:

nextcloud.occ config:system:set overwriteprotocol --value="https"
snap restart nextcloud