Cannot login with Android app after inadvertent wipe

Hello NC community,

I have a very frustrating problem that is keeping me busy for days and I hope you can help me. I am self-hosting a nextcloud instance and want to use the official Android app (from F-Droid) to connect to my user account.

My initial setup worked flawlessly (using app password via QR Code), but then I wiped my mobile device by accident. From then on I could not login anymore using the Android app. The app always states that the host cannot be found. I can open the very same URL in my browser, though.

What I tried so far without success:

  • Clear Android app data
  • Reinstall Android app
  • Try Nextcloud dev app
  • Reinstall whole nextcloud instance incl. postgres database !!!

Is there something hidden on my phone by the app that is not deleted on uninstall?


UPDATE: It turned out to be a firewall issue (AFWall+).

UPDATE: It turned out to be a firewall issue (AFWall+).