Cannot log into Nextcloud account via Ubuntu Online Accounts


It is probably a very small issue and I just do not know where to find the solution.

Basically, I want to add my Next Cloud Account to my Ubuntu 19.10 via Online accounts Settings. I already added my Google Accounts and Ubuntu Single Sign-on account. The Nextcloud account is asking me for a “Server” alongside my Username and password. Where and what is this server? It is an IP address or what? I cannot find any documentation about it. Thanks for the help.

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Please describe IN DETAIL which software and app versions you’re using and explain STEP-BY-STEP what you’re trying and where you’re asked to enter what kind of server name etc.
Be as precise as possible and provide screenshots.

I do not use a software app. I use the in-built Ubuntu Online Accounts tab in Ubuntu 19.10 system settings.

I haven’t downloaded any Nextcloud app.

Where do you have a Nextcloud account ? Which provider ? Enter the url you use to connect to your Nextcloud and your credentials.

Okay. Solved it myself. Found out that one needs to use the App/Device specific username and password found in Nextcloud Settings/Security tab in your account.

I use


Solved for me as well.

  1. Go to Settings -> Personal -> Security -> Devices & sessions
  2. Enter app name, e.g. Ubuntu and click “Create new app password”
  3. Copy login and password and click “Save”
  4. Enter copied password in your Ubuntu Online Accounts