Cannot input Chinese and Japanese properly in Collabora Online (word)

Hi, everyone. I’m not able to input Chinese and Japanese character using Microsoft input methods properly when using the Word app of CODE. I can only type one word and press enter for every single input.

For example, if I type cat in Chinese 貓咪, I’ll have to type 貓 (enter) 咪 (enter) instead of 貓咪 (enter). Also I’m not able to preview the words I’ve entered before I press enter. This also happens when I use the Microsoft Japanese input method.

My system infromation is

  1. OS: Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel 4.4.0-34
  2. Nextcloud version: 11.0
  3. Web server: Apache2, PHP 7
  4. Apps enabled: anouncement center, Collabora Online

Docker information:

  1. Docker with AUFS support. ( kernel 4.4.0-34 with AUFS flag set)

Did I miss something when setup? Thanks!

I had the same Chinese input issue as you, did you found some way could correct the issue?