Cannot import VCF file into Nextcloud contacts


I generated a VCF file from my Galaxy A7 2017 phone, using latest version pf Android. In the Web interface of nextcloud (hostiso provider), I select to import all contacts from that file. A window is show with a progress bar indicating some type of processing is taking place, yet after doing it, nothing is imported…

Any help please?

If the GUI is not showing any error message I would recommend to check the Nextcloud log file to find any hint to the root cause of the problem.

I found a workaround, using the CardBox add on of Thunderbird. Using it I could import all my contacts.

For all who might sumble across this issue as I did…

I had a message in the logs of my v25 instance that CardDAV servers do not support VCard format 2.1.
To “update” to a modern format, I used Thunderbird:

  1. Import the .vcf into a seperate Thunderbird address book.
  2. Export this address book to .vcf

Had no problems with the import afterwards.