Cannot find Share Link Password Policy?


I want to disable or reduce the complex password requirements on shared links as specified in the documentation here:

However i am unable to find the Share Link Password Policy app or these settings anywhere in nextcloud?

Can any one show me where in nextcloud i can find these settings?


Go to you admin page, on the left choose security, then you should be able to modify the password policy settings. If you want to disable it completely, go to the apps page, and disable the app Password Policy.

Sorry for the late reply!

If i go to the admin page -> security i see no “Share link password policy” as stated in the documentation?

This is the only thing i see there,

I only want to change the share link password policy not the nextcloud password policy that i find on the Security page

This is what im looking for but cannot find (screenshot from

There seems to be an app called “Share Link Password Policy” but I can’t find it either.

@jospoortvliet @rullzer

It is shipped with the release.

Repo is in

Thanks for the reply.

So the conclusion is that the password policy found under Security -> Password policy controls both the user password and the shared link password policy.

As stated by the github link,
Currently the app checks passwords for public link shares and for user passwords if the database backend is used.

This means that the current documentation is outdated since the screenshot and app Share Link Password Policy does no longer exist? And of course theres no way to control them independently of each other?

Edit: This also means theres no way to specify the “Link expiration” settings as specified in the documentation?

I feel like that’s a pretty reasonable feature request, I felt the same, that’s why I opened a feature request for it: