Cannot find existing credentials

Certainly not a bug but inexplicable for me.

I haven’t added a password for a while. Now when I add credentials for a new website, everything is ok.
The browser extension also “knows” this password.
However, I cannot find this credentials in the Nextcloud-Passwords web interface.

Searching the credentials in the browser extension I found a folder called “Private Passwords”, but I never created it.
These folder contains the credentials i was looking for. Where does this folder come from and why can’t I find it in the web interface?

I also cannot edit or delete the credentials in this folder.

Can anyone help me?

The browser extension has a feature for “Private Passwords”. When a new password is found, there is a switch to make it a “Hidden Password”. This is active by default if you are in private browsing mode.

Those hidden passwords only appear in the extension when you’re using private browsing mode. They do not appear in the webapp.

Ok, thanks for your answer.
Can you tell me what options do I have to change, move or delete private entries?

Currently none, but this will be possible in the next version