Cannot find admin page after install

I installed nextcloud ( on dietpi (debian version 10.4) using dietpi-software. After tweaking the various configs and certs it is up and running, but I only see the user login page. Cannot find documentation on admin page URL or anything. Reading between the lines seems like it comes up if nextcloud is completely unconfigured but mine seemed almost configured out-of-the-box. Note this is a headless installation so would need to config access to admin page from a laptop on my router lan (i.e. no where else). Thanks for any help.

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NC does not have separate user/admin URLs.
Depending on the login credentials you get (or not) admin privileges.

If you have a normal login page, then the admin account has been created already…

Perhaps you search the NextcloudPi-admin. This is only installed with

@gdenton , I found this too. No idea how to run the config sections myself either.

I put up a post with what sounds similar to your issues, but my experience of Linux is from a dozen failed attempts (and one very slow success until it was rebooted) at getting Nextcloud running on a Pi4/8GB, so I’m not entirely sure that I’m not at fault.

Some stuff is visible under the user icon in the top right, Settings and Administration on the left. Overview can perform checks (and has some warnings I may be able to fix via config), so my system is running properly, just not available outside the LAN.

Found the command line to add a user as an admin:

cd /var/www/nextcloud
sudo -u www-data php occ user:add --group admin -- <uid>

When I logged in the Users page showed that an “admin” uid had been created during install. Maybe could have looked through the apt-get install package to find the password, but creating a new user was easier anyway. I disabled the “admin” user in case the password is well known.

The DietPi install isn’t a NextcloudPi install, but Nextcloud. Referring to the NextcloudPi docs will send you in circles! Voice of experience here!

The Admin password is the password set up in the DietPi-software section of the install. You typed a root password (and confirmed it) and a software password (and confirmed it). Admin’s password is the software password (it doesn’t force you to choose different ones), so it isn’t well known at all (and no one can help you with it!)

Does it work from external networks? I keep getting “ERR Connection Refused”. What did you refer to for “configs and certs”?

Ha, ha, that’s right, that password works. Way back on dietpi install there were those prompts and I didn’t realize it would have this affect on installing software. (Seems inconsistent though since mysql install did not set it up.)

Yes, works from external networks. I had to setup the lighttp server with certs, ssl conf, and, of course, work with wifi router to forward ports and assign IP, and then DNS to IP currently assigned by ISP. (I also changed server.document-root to “/var/www/nextcloud” because it was displaying the default lighttp home page.) Also, in nextcloud/config/config.php add domain name to ‘trusted_domains’.

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I was so close! Installed and ran certbot, and it has come to life. Everything else was already in place. Will look into server.document-root now, but that’s non-essential.