Cannot enable external storage

First and foremost, I am new to NextCloud and Linux but I am a keen learner

I just installed a fresh copy of NextCloud on an Intel NUC with i9 CPU and a 1T SSD + 4T spindle drive. I can see all these from the gnome of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS where the NextCloud is installed.

I have NextCloud 25.03 , Php 8.1 and MarieDB installed. I can log into nextcloud as admin. and as an user.

However, when I try to enable external storage (version 1.17) from the disabled app list, it gives me an error “An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed.”

I am at a loss what is the issue. I googled the Internet and search this forum but there is no solution that fixes my issue here.

I am hoping someone can help to point me to the right direction. I can provide more details if necessary. I have attached the links (cannot upload to this forum for some reasons) a few screenshots and hope they are relevant

one more screenshot, I think this one is very relevant

link - CleanShot 2023-02-05 at 14.55.27 · CleanShot Cloud
CleanShot 2023-02-05 at 14.55.27

also see similar mentioned here but still do not undertand how to fix it and how this is related to Dropbox. I do not have Dropbox installed or mentioned in any config files, etc

also mentioned here

What installation method is this (manual, docker, snap, AIO, etc.)?

Can you confirm if the file mentioned in the log exists and what the permissions are?

sorry, should have included that. I installed Next Cloud with the following steps :

  1. install apache2 on Ubuntu 22
  2. install php 8.1
  3. install mariadb, then create nextcloud database with the users
  4. download from nextcloud to /etc/www/html , then unzip the file on that directory
  5. create virtual host nextcloud.conf file
  6. then point to the localhost/nextcloud
  7. set up nextcloud from web

I think I now have a clue on what caused the continuous error logs, I accidentally click the wrong package to enable : LDAP users and group backend. However, this is separate to the external storage issue. I just need to undo the enabling of LDAP users and group backend app, but I do not know how to do that

Let me know if more details are required


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sorry wrong path I mentioned on step 4 , should be /var/www/html/

actually never mind… I re-installed nextcloud from scratch again. Errors gone away and I can enable the external drive option now.

Sorry for the trouble… but also shows that the current configuration process can be improved. An innocent mistake on enabling the wrong app can be devastating to the entire installation