Cannot edit user groups despite being admin

Nextcloud version : Nextcloud 18.0.2

Hello community,

the little pencil symbol in the user management does not show up in my nextcloud. Is there perhaps a setting I am missing. Should I not be able to edit group memberships as soon as I am made admin? I can create groups but I cannot add members to them. There is one other user who is also admin who is able to edit group memberships. Are we missing some setting?

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Hi Hanno,

Have you tried it with a other browser or logged out and cleared your browsers cache restart the browser and try again.

If your in the admin group you should be able to edit users

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Hi Vincent,

thanks for suggestions! I have tried that but doesn’t change a thing.

What I have found: now that I added new users (before it was only me and other admin), i can also edit those users that I added. But I still cannot edit my own account or the account of the other user (also admin) who invited me to the nextcloud…

Are there any ‘deeper’ admin settings somewhere that i might not be aware of?

Kind regards

Probably this issue?

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