Cannot download files from outside LAN (everything else works)

I set up a raspberry pi with NextCloudPi 12.0.3.

Within my LAN everything works as expected. Outside my LAN (via https no-ip url) I can login and use the GUI fine, as well as create folders and upload files. But I cannot download files larger than ~300KB and photos larger than that do not open in the gallery viewer.

I’m behind a router with ports 80 and 443 forwarded. I don’t see any errors in the log. Chrome reports a “NETWORK_FAILURE”.

Does anyone have any ideas for this? Thank you.

Slow upload connection and some sort of time-out setting?

with the help of nextcloudpi?

Yes, using NextCloudPi image. My connection is fine (fiber).

I gathered some more information.

  • Using the internal IP of the raspberry, i can access/download large files from all devices on LAN (cabled and wifi)
  • Using my external IP (url), I can download files only from WiFi devices on LAN, or devices outside my LAN.

So, the only devices for which using the external IP does not work, are cabled devices in my LAN. I suspect some router problem, unrelated to NextCloud.

does your router support NAT loopback? did you try using dnsmasq?

I recommend that you use a domain name instead of IP address for both outside and inside your house.

If you set up a domain with a DDNS provider and open ports you can access from outside as If you also use dnsmasq (in the ncp-web you can do it), then you can also access the same way from inside your LAN.

With some routers that have NAT loopback you don’t need the dnsmasq setup

My experience is the usual home router does support this. Check how your domain name is tied to your public IP
If you have a fixed IP it is easy. If you have a dynamic IP things get different.
My experience with DDNS is not too good and it is expensive at $40,- a year. has a free acount but that does not support SSL (port 443).
When you need to run FTP same time over the web… you usually cannot.

I manage my DNS records with cloudflare. It has a free package. But best of all, it has an API allowing to update your IP addresses dynamically.

It allowed me to create my own IP updater.

There may be more beautiful made and coded solutions out there… then again, I am not a programmer or developer. :slight_smile:

At any time, when you made changes to your router settings and or network settings on your server that runs nextcloud, make sure you restart your router and/or service.


I have been using noip for many years, and there is no problem with SSL. NextCloudPi also supports freeDNS and duckDNS.

I don’t know with other providers, but with noip2 you can check sudo noip2 -S, and you can also login to their website with your credentials I think to track your public IP association.

Like I said, I recommend that you use your domain name both inside and outside home, inside home you might need to enable dnsmasq in NextCloudPi.

I wrote a bit about that here