Cannot delete multiple files at once


When I select multiple files, there is no “delete” option. It works normally for individual files.

Could not find relevant issues here or on github.

Android Client 3.24.1
Android 8.0.0

Any ideas?

If you select multiple files in the Nextcloud App on Android you will find the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner. Select it and choose the function you want to execute on the files.

That’s what I did. Move, copy etc is there, but “delete” is not there, even when I try to scroll to the bottom.

That’s strange, the “delete” function is defintely at the bottom of the menu.

Any chance you don’t have write access to one - or more - of the selected files in question?

Thanks for thinking along, but as I wrote in the first post it works normally for individual files, so there is no write access issue.

I assume it’s because I am on Android 8.0.0. I know it is not officially supported anymore, at the same time it is sad that I need to get a new device just because of the software, while the hardware is still fine.


Are you using NC’s encryption by chance?

I think these the the various situations where the multiple file selection for deletion (removal) are disallowed:

No, I don’t use server side encryption/E2EE.