Cannot delete folder Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.3)

I have problem that I’m not able to delete folders. I was able to delete files in that folders!
When i try to delete folder i got next message “Error deleting file”
If I try to move it it’s not working too - message “Could not move”

This is very annoying bug that makes Nextcloud as a really immature software. That’s very basic option and it’s not working or it is very buggy!

Does anyone have this bug and how to solve it?

I tried to delete folders via web browser and Nextcloud desktop client and it’s not working.

Security & setup warnings

It’s important for the security and performance of your instance that everything is configured correctly. To help you with that we are doing some automatic checks. Please see the linked documentation for more information.

There are some errors regarding your setup.

Please double check the installation guides :arrow_upper_right:, and check for any errors or warnings in the log.

Check the security of your Nextcloud over our security scan :arrow_upper_right:.

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • core
      • core/js/mimetypelist.js
      • core/img/filetypes/drawio.svg
      • core/img/filetypes/dwb.svg

Raw output

[core] => Array
[core/js/mimetypelist.js] => Array
[expected] => 4b0a99fbab7bc4824176101150bd0ab2b553e128a390e0f872580db4541462b31aad13099fd41533b6695d1b185dabca26a45e9a78227cfb9479eafa439c7bff
[current] => 0db33a45988de38e826762b7a452f88bf3aec65838ebc7e89ae9b6ecf82d39bae15efd9018c7f83bc04517030efcd6fb565070173d0b55fa3066e1b200233fe1


        [EXTRA_FILE] => Array
                [core/img/filetypes/drawio.svg] => Array
                        [expected] => 
                        [current] => 92e0974cf869bf8ab969c3442dc2b80d55fde36441d22924db74916a06b407520aa2a9dc39336f9157195ebede697ffac0e639360879255ab91932d406e1897d

                [core/img/filetypes/dwb.svg] => Array
                        [expected] => 
                        [current] => 43731dd5f17a048112ea5109b40b02ec019b3ee2324385a0f448e3bd2264cb13dc160ab018d893f92f8e2f168fd09009b51578c8c6b97a02a1617c67ac087701




TypeError: OC\Files\Cache\QuerySearchHelper::getCachesAndMountPointsForSearch(): Argument #1 ($root) must be of type OC\Files\Node\Root, OC\Files\Node\LazyRoot given, called in /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Node/Folder.php on line 237

So what can be done to solve this error or bug?

Thx in advance…