Cannot delete empty folders

Hi there,

I installed nextcloud over snap. It works great but I cannot remove empty folders over the webinterface. I got an error but there is not hint to something regarding that in the logs.

running nextcloud.occ files:scan --all does not shows any problem.
ps ax | grep redis reveals that redis is running.

Also I tried restarting the whole server.

Any idea what that can be? I still believe it is a locking problem.

Kind regards,

Please open an issue in the Github repository with all the requested info. It could be because of an app you have installed.

I’ve got the same problem, and already opened an issue on github.
I have not installed any app, and this is breaking the sync process…

Thanks @Guillaume.

@Binary, please post your log entry in the Github issue to see if we can find the source

For some unknown reason my gitlab acc is flagged. I contacted the support and will write you asap. But besides that I have absolutely no problems with nextcloud.

@Binary are you using nextant by chance? I had a similar issue where I couldnt delete some files or folders. I found that it was nextant. I disabled it … restarted everything … waited a bit and then the issue went away.

I never performed an upgrade but added my information into this github ticket.
Regarding nextant: I don’t think so. Never heard of that.