Cannot create a topic in How-To?

I just wanted to share how to create a nextcloud installation with the following features/properties:

  • mTLS (so, nextcloud server authenticates clients)
  • using Yubikeys as PKI infrastructure (so that you never ever store CA on disk)
  • using cloudflare’s pingora server in distroless docker image (as SSL termination reverse proxy)

but for some reason it says that I cannot create topic in How-To…

Hello @dimanne !

Yes, you may not yet be able to share your tutorial because you have not yet reached the required trust level (@trust_level_2 ).

Tutorial topics that describe how to set up, configure, or install Nextcloud using a specific platform or environment. Topics in this category may only be created by trust level 2 and up.

However, you can already post tutorials with @trust_level_0 and @trust_level_1 in this category:

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everything what @SchBenedikt said is true.

but he forgot tro mention that you could ask an mod/admin to move your topic from whichever place to howto if you’d like

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