Cannot copy large directory over smb



I have created a smb share for my nextcloud USB drive Weichbildes connected to my Nextcloudpi. Configured using this tutorial:

Why smaller files can be copied from my MACboob to the drive but a large directory (50gb) cannot??? It says there is no space, but I have about 700gb free on the drive???


I have 2 directorys on my macbook and want to copy them to my nextcloud drive.

The first directory includes 4 subdirectories (3,69gb, 13,64gb, 36,24gb and 33,8mb).
This directory is now copying the first subdirectory (3,69gb).

But when trying to directly copy the second big directory of 153gb it fails with „no space left“.

I think there is a limitation. I have connected the nextcloudpi drive over the finder on MacBook. Shall I rather copy over terminal? Is that faster???

Can you share output of

sudo df -hT