Cannot connect to NextCloud from iOS application

Hello guys,

the trouble is so straigth: whatever our attempts, we got a time out error when connecting to our Nextcloud instance from an iPhone. We first suspected problems related to our corporate signed X.509 certificate, and managed to solve this potential cause of trouble. Our root certificate ended fully “verified” by iOS and is ready by now to be used for https connections (see details in the aforementioned post).

Unfortunately, the iOS app does not connect better to our NextCloud. Logs of Nextcloud and Apache do not help much as they keep silent.

Any user having faced the same problem ?

Thank you.

Environment :
NextCloud 14.0.3
PHP 7.0.32
MySQL 5.7.23
iOS app 2.22.4

What do you get ? auth failed after login ? Blanck page ?

Hi @mmekimia do you use the authentication with normal web Nextcloud iOS ?

Hello !
@mmekimia: we got various timeout error messages. It is difficult to say if such messages are reported back by the application or by iOS. I would vote for the former.

@ios: the NextCloud application was downloaded and installed on our iPhone from the Apple store.

Not my issue.

I have an issue not specific to IOS : the FLOW Login fails & makes the server shift to “DOS protect mode” ( 30 seconds delay login )
I think that is because of my nginx setup