Cannot connect to database anymore


After updating my Nextcloud 15 installation to version 15.0.5, it cannot connect to the database anymore. In the apache error.log I see this error:

I’m using PHP 7.2.16 on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with MySQL 5.7.25. The MySQL server is up and running, I’ve checked this already. The database also is there.

What could be wrong?


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PHP Fatal error: … could not find driver

This question has already been asked and answered several times in this forum. It would be worse to search the forum first before opening a new request.
This is definitely not a problem of Nextcloud but your PHP configuration. Make sure that the required database module is correctly loaded so that the database can be accessed again.

I have searched before and read a couple of threads. Before opening this thread I have searched for about 2 hours on Google and in this forum. I did not come across the solution. That’s why I opened this thread.

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Interesting, the following search criteria led me in the right direction within seconds:"DB%2FConnection.php"+"could+not+find+driver"

As mentioned before, make sure that you required PHP mysql module is correctly loaded.