Cannot Connect to Contacts or Calendar using Android/DAVx5

Nextcloud ver: 27.1.3

Followed instructions at to no avail.
Also: DAVx5 – CalDAV / CardDAV Sync Suite on Android - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Setup Nextcloud on Android and it is working fine. Went to settings and selected to sync contacts and calendar. Logged in successfully. Tapped to Grant Access. Stated Account connected so I closed the page.

This took me to DAVx5 to finish creating the account. Tapped CREATE ACCOUNT and that finished successfully. However, contacts were not loaded and I received the following message in DAVx5:

Couldn’t refresh list
WebDAV Error
Expected 207 Multi-Status, got 200

I host Nextcloud on a shared web server. Thunderbird syncs fine using the links I copied and pasted from Nextcloud into Thunderbird. It is only Android/DAVx5 having an issue.

I WAS able to create a new contact addressbook. However, it will not sync with the default addressbook or calendar.

I got it to work doing this:
Copied the Contacts link from the Contacts setting in Nextcloud. In DAVx5, added a connection using that full URL for the contacts.

Then, I setup a separate connection for the calendar using the URL from the public link for the calendar. It would not work just setting up one account and activating addressbook and calendar sync.

Can anyone give some guidance re: why the normal instructions would return the error refreshing the addressbooks and/or calendars? I’d prefer to use the proper way instead of a separate account for each.