Cannot activate NextCloud

I described the issue already here and here but was advised to open a new issue, which is why I am writing here.

I have a fresh new installation of Raspberry OS and tried to install NextCloud with the curl method.

I never get past the activation.

I was also advised to file a bug report.

Can any one help me get this up and running?

Rerunning nc-init 1000 times doesn’t work!


In order to investigate, thank you for sharing output of

sudo ncp-report
sudo cat /var/log/syslog
sudo dmesg

Please use a pastebin service, output can be very long


  • run fsck on your drive(s) if any errors.
  • swap sd-card, cables, powersource. (90% problems come from corrupt cards, bad drives, broken cables and insufficient power-sources.)
  • Pi2 and older are notoriously slow, especially so at running mysql, and nc-init should create a clean db.
  • If serious about running NC in your home or office, I can recommend a NUC or a (refurbished) desktop computer with minimal i3 and 8Gb Ram.

See here, here and here.

Martin, honestly Nextcloud runs poorly on the Pi 2. It is bad. I’ve been testing NextcloudPi on all architectures for almost 4 - 5 years. The Pi 2 is not worth running Nextcloud on. Seriously. I strongly recommend just setting up a nextcloud account for free, cause the pi 2 is simply too old.

Maybe, but as long as I don’t even get past activation I have little or no confidence this problem to disappear just by installing on better hardware. It’s not a sporadic issue; it realibly doesn’t work and looks like a bug to me …