Cannot access Web Panel remotely

I cannot get to https://nextcloudpi.local:4443 remotely.
I can get to it by name or IP when on the same network as my RPi.
I can get to https://nextcloudpi.local normally.

I am getting a 401 error when doing so.

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

i doubt that you ever can access this adress from above from any remote-computer since this adress is only valid inside your own network.

you need to setup an external ip-adress, first. pls check the ddns-providers (there are 4 that ncp would set up for you) for a plan that suits your needs.

The DDNS works just fine. I just didn’t want to mine in, so I used those instead as placeholders.

no access outside home for ncp-web, for security reasons


Why for security reasons? I forwarded port 4443 and wanted to access from out of my network so from public. But when I can’t do this, it’s really bad, because I’m not often home…

you can still use ncp-config through SSH

So if port 4443 is not supposed to be port forwarded for security reasons why does the NextCloudPi icon try to take me to instead of https://nextcloudpi.lan:4443/ which is my internal name?

Hi @nop_head ,
That NCP icon will take whatever is in the https:// address and add :4443 to it.
Agree that could be improved upon, by inserting the localhost name or LAN IP:4443

Sadly our main Dev has no or very little time available for minor (nor major) feature requests or improvements. PR’s will be gladly accepted though, if you are up for it! Thanks for reporting and contribution.