Cannot access Trusted_Domains from FreeNAS terminal

This has probably been plugged a million times but I’m having trouble accessing the Trusted_Domains config in FreeNAS. I’m using freeNAS as a standalone OS on my Dell T320 and when I type in “sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:get trusted_domains” it tells me I either don’t have access to root or that the specified path does not exist. Of course had I used linux to to install freeNAS this would be a much simpler fix but I have to do this inside freeNAS either through the jail I created or through the shell. What’s the easiest way to add remote access to freeNAS using NextCloud?

Again, Sorry if this has been asked a million times. This is all very new to me having freeNAS as a standalone OS.

I have Nextcoud running in FreeNAS 11.3 and I did this just last night.

Either SSH to your FreeNAS box or use the web GUI shell.

# pool is called 'tank'
# jail name is 'nextcloud_1'
nano /mnt/tank/iocage/jails/nextcloud_1/root/usr/local/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

And then you should be able to edit the config file to update the trusted domains.

I’d really think your question would be better asked on the FreeNAS forum–the thread for my script if you used that, the thread for Samuel Emry’s method if you used that, etc. There are several methods of installing Nextcloud on FreeNAS, and the answer is likely to be different depending on which method you used.

Best method is that try to find “config.php”.

find / -name "config.php"