Cannot access Truenas scale NextCloud via zerotier IP

Hi, there, I am new to NextCloud. I installed NextCloud on Truenas Scale. I can login nextcloud with LAN (, but I can not login to nextcloud via zerotier ( Although I can access truenas web ui via zerotier IP
NextCloud: 27.1.0_1.6.48
Truenas scale:
zerotier TrueCharts: 1.12.1_6.0.1

I read different forums, but not fully understand how to address this problem. Some setting are to difficult for me, never use Linux.

Anyone share some experience on this. Is there any guidance that i can follow step by step?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kasen, I’m using TrueNAS Core so I didn’t check if it works also in Scale.

I set up ZeroTier in a Jail as Gateway with this guide [HowTo] Install ZeroTier in Jail as Gateway | TrueNAS Community and then set up NextCloud Jail in VNET/DHCP (or static IP) instead of NAT to connect without port (8282 - 8283 in my case)