Cannot access the files after resetting Windows 11

Nextcloud version : 3.9.0
Operating system and version: Windows 11 Home 22H2

I have backed up my data on the next cloud server and on my client side I did Windows 11 reset.
After resetting the windows, I can see the folders and files in Explorer but cannot open nor delete them.

I was wondering if it is possible to access files after formatting the windows. I don’t want to connect to the server again and download everything since I have limited data.

While downloading files from Nextcloud I just synced the folder with default settings.

Thank you for your help.

Are you talking about File Explorer or NC web interface?

What happens, specifically, when you try to open them?

Have you tried just logging into the web interface?

I am talking about the local files (file explorer) which show read-only and cannot open or modify them. So, I downloaded all the files through NextCloud client on my laptop (windows 11) but when I formatted Windows, I am not able to access those files.

If I remember correctly in the past, I did the same thing on my Linux Mint but this read-only issue didn’t happen after formatting linux os. So, I was unaware that something like this can happen on Windows.

Can you open your files from the Nextcloud web interface?

If not, what is in the Nextcloud log?

Yes, I can open files from the web interface.