Cannot access smb mount on docker install

I’m trying to set up Nextcloud in a Debian container via Portainer however I’m having no luck in making Nextcloud talk to a mounted smb share. All my other containers have no issues (like plex, etc), and the way I mount it is by following a guide from the proxmox wiki.

Here’s my relevant users and groups;



Here is my docker compose in hastebin.

So basically what I want to do is just use external storage for my files, I have searched around the web for a few days and I have not found better/alternate ways.

Have a similar setup - mounted an external share (SMB) from within NC → External Storage successfully

If your goal is to store large bulk data outside of your Nextcloud instance, I would also advise to mount the SMB share inside Nextcloud as folder. Maybe it’s easier to setup and maintain this way.

That is my goal yes, have my storage or at least a folder in nextcloud that is linked to the SMB share.
I managed to mount and fix the permission issue today, but now it’s refusing to a. show the files in the local storage and b. allow me to add new files