Cannot access external drives

Hi everybody,

I installed nextcloud as snap on ubuntu server 20.04. Any everything is working fine so far. As this is my homeserver and also contains a lot of hard drives I would like to make these hard drive also available in nextcloud.

I can add the external storage via settings but I don’t see folders in there afterwards. I am pretty sure that this is a ubuntu permission error.
Nextcloud is run by the “www-data” user right? The problem is that the external drive is also used by plex. So as far as I understood the permission system I made the drive and everything in it owned by my user jver and group jver. Set the permission of erverything to 770 and add the user plex and www-data to my group. Well for plex it works for nextcloud not.

But for plex I also needed to use acl by executing the following command:
sudo setfacl -m g:jver:rwx /media/jver

Mounting point is under /media/jver/drive1 2 3 etc.

I made it work once I guess by making root:root the owner of everything.

If you need any more info I will provide them as fast as possible.

Happy weekend.