Can you access my website? I dont think it is working out of my home network

If someone has time could you please try to go to
I don’t think it is working out side of my network.
Thank you
I also need to get this working for school!
You should see a login page.

Is it working?

No. Error 522 Connection timed out

Cloudflare? Really? :wink: They are not heroes if it comes to privacy.

I just use them for the DNS

Do you know how I could fix it?

Never used cloudflare.

You can use and DDNS service you like.

I use with my router.

I have cloudflare not enabled on my site so it is just DNS that is all.
I also don’t want to use noip because I need to be able to set subdomains.

I am getting a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error

I know, My server is down Right now

Were you able to fix it? How ? I am having similar error while the phone app is able to connect without issue.


Just asking, first thing to check for accessing a home server out from Internet is whether your router / or ISP given CPE is having a Public IP.

You can login to your router admin page & note the IP address received from your ISP. Now match the IP address with the result of searching Google “What is my IP” → If they match then you have a Public IP but if they aren’t matching, then possibly you have got a CG-NAT and with CG-NAT based WAN IP, you can’t access your home server out from the internet.

For that, you need to setup a VPS from AWS / Digital Ocean type service and connect your home server with that VPS to allow that Public IP to forward traffic from there to your home server.