Can we set nextcloud on HTTP by default?

Hi, I just replace another cloud system by Nextcloud VM OVA by hanssonit. Great product and great setup. But by default the nextcloud web are on HTTPS. Here everything is behind an HTTP proxy on IIS that got he HTTPS certificate then foward the reuqest to internal HTTP only server. How I can revert my nextcloud to HTTP only?


What the point ? Having less security ? HTTPS is the actual industry standard.
Maybe it is time to have everything on HTTPS…

Do you read my comment? We got an IIS server in front of the NextCloud VM that secure the link with and widlcard certificate. The Nextcloud server to not “see” Internet. So HTTPS->IIS->HTTP->NextCloud.

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did you read mine: Maybe it is time to have everything on HTTPS… that’s the solution. Not a aggression, or a null comment… https-IIS-HTTPS-NEXTCLOUD… or don’t use IIS

You need to declare the IIS server as a trusted reverse proxy. You also need to tell nextcloud to return HTTPS URLs despite itself being on HTTP.

There are many articles about how to do this with HAProxy, Caddy and other reverse proxies. From Nextcloud’s point of view, they are all the same.

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I hope we have understood you correctly:

  • Nextcloud VM OVA by hanssonit
  • IIS is almost the reverse proxy
  • HTTP because it is internal and you do not want to use an addidtional internal certificate

I think you find the solution in “Nextcloud VM OVA by hanssonit”.
I do not use this image.

But i think you must configure the apache2 virtual server.
Delete the 443-virtual-host and also the redirection from 80 to 443.

Look also in config/config.php from your Nextcloud configuration.
Maybe there is also a https-setting.