Can we have the Nextcloud desktop for Windows install to user context?

I have a Windows 10 Pro PC and want to install the Nextcloud desktop. But I found that the installation file Nextcloud-3.11.0-x64.msi needs the system administrator privilege to install.

Is it possible to build a portable version or a msi for user context installation ?

Maybe there are some features need Nextcloud-desktop to run under privileged permission. But I believe users would accept the limitations for user context installation.

One Limitation would, that you cannot access your files via explorer.
As far as I know, nextcloud installs an extension to explorer, in order to enable it to access webdav. To install this extension, driver installing permissions are necessary. Thus needs Admin pwrmissions.

There’s also an extensive discussion about this on GitHub: [Windows] Installer should not require administrator rights · Issue #1314 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub


According to @bb77 The issue in github started couple years ago and no formal solution now. Give up. :frowning: