Can we expect PicoCMS on Nextcloud 26 or higher?

Dear community,

I am a happy Pico CMS for Nextcloud user and always liked the light weight integration of a flat file CMS into the Nextcloud.

However, the current state of “being stuck” with NC 25 obviously can’t last forever.

Are there any predictions / any news about the Pico CMS app still being maintained / not being maintained anymore? It would be very helpful to know.

Thanks in advance,
Greetings from Germany,


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I’m also interested in this, any updates?

This has been brought up a number of times.

Long story short:
Dev does not have time. Plus, they perceive that numerous, under the hood changes are eventually going to be required in order to make it even viable, medium term in order to work with NC’s new Vue.js changes that are non-backwards compatible. Which they are very and highly likely unable to do, or do not want to, do due to previous mentioned reason.

There are some breaking changes you might be able to fix via light hacking, but they do not guarantee full or future usability and they would have to be applied on every update. These can be found in their Github.

If you are an end usre who only wants for it to just work, it would be wiser to either stay in your working environment for as long as you can, and/or simply look for a different solution. Otherwise, you will be left waiting for a number of “what if’s” to line up.

I used it briefly for a while and could see this outcome was likely to be the case and dropped using it since I did not want to be having to apply changes every time I updated… Perhaps this might be your best end goal, too.

In general pico cms works in Nextcloud 27 and 28.
The problem is in the admin page of pico, by default it is impossible to add new themes and plugins.
But method described here works well enough: Custom Pico theme selection does not list themes after upgrade to NC26 (and hacky workaround) · Issue #237 · nextcloud/cms_pico · GitHub
You just need to edit file js/admin.js file and in the line 205 replace .tooltip(‘dispose’) with .tooltip(‘destroy’)


… and it still works in NC 29.

Yes, i also got it working smoothly.