Can user get nextcloud forum rss subscription feed?

I have started using news app in nextcloud, so I was thinking to subscribe to my forum notification through rss feed, but I cannot find it.
I want rss feed of something like

Sorry i do not use rss.
But in this link you can find some examples. This works Perhaps you can find the correct links in the link above for your personal settings.

I did figured out and got working what I wanted, basically you install the discourse integration app, then domain in integration settings and nextcloud discourse forum will authorize. The only downside is I can subscribe to only one discourse at a time.

It looks like I need to run independent proxy instance of discourse integration app and then convert the result to rss which I can further pull in news.

What Discourse integration app? Can you share a link please.

I think the thread is a misunderstanding.
Here the link to the app discourse integration.
I think/hope the nextcloud help forum has the correct rss functions already.

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nah, I only used discourse integration app as end resort, I really wanted to have rss feed from all other discourse or phpbb forums to be viewed in News app.

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Yes. I misunderstood you. I thought you wanted to integrate the RSS feed from this forum in your browser.

this is just an example.

Yes. All fine.

You’ll want to read to understand the documentation of all rss feed types available on the forum.

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