Can’t paste screenshot

My colleagues want to move all our chats from Telegram to Nextcloud Talk. I can’t get my head around it that an easy function as pasting a screenshot is not able.
PLEASE SOMEONE tell me I’m doing something wrong. This can’t be right, right?
And if it’s not my fault, then please please please :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: Nextcloud service, fix that. We send so many screenshots and no I don’t want to save each and everyone on my phone.
Thank you

Could you please explain what client you are talking about?
Android? iOS?

I can simply paste (insert screenshots from the clipboard) into the browser client of spreed and it works for me on the Android client too. So what exactly, which approach doesn’t work for you in comparison to Telegram?

Isn’t a screenshot from your phone not always stored in some way on your phone, or am I missing something?

Much and good luck,

If you refer to the Telegram privacy setting in your Android app, which prevents creating screenshots, you can follow these steps to enable that function on your phone:

Additionally you should be able to use the Windows Telegram desktop client to take screenshots from a conversation.

I work with IPhone.
No screenshots don’t save automatically (thank god ‘cause I take too many :joy:)

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I think you misunderstood. We work with Nextcloud talk now and I’m not able to paste screenshots.
I don’t like saving screenshots on my IPhone. So I copy the screenshots instead and paste it (or used to paste it in Telegram)in Nexcloud talk I can’t, which is very frustrating. I even have a group called “screenshots” :joy: because I paste so many in there.
But going to Nextcloud Talk I don’t know how to do it. It doesn’t give me a paste option after I have copied a screenshot

Instead of copy and paste, you can just use the share functionality of the screenshot screen and then delete it


I really take a lot of screenshots. And when I save a screenshot, it automatically goes into my cloud. So I really don’t want to save the picture on my phone.
I just can’t believe they don’t allow to paste a picture/screenshot.

Again, there’s no need to save the screenshot. When you take a screenshot, share it and when you return to the screenshot screen, delete it

I just can’t believe they don’t allow to paste a picture/screenshot.

Nothing to believe, it’s a fact.

How can I tell Nextcloud to fix that fact? ‘Cause I don’t like it :laughing: