Can´t change root rights in NC-Folder to copy Onlyoffice to htdocs/apps

Hi guys,

I just downloaded and unpacked the OnlyOffice packet as zip.tar. After that I tried to copy the folder documentserver-community (OnlyOffice) into the NC folder. Permission denied…only read permission.
I tried it as admin with root rights. Owner and group of the NC folder are root and can´t be changed.
I already tried sudo cp -R /etc/…/ /etc/…
and chown and chmod to change the rights and owner. But nothing happens.

Is there a write protection on the folders while NC is running? I am wondering why root can´t change the folder permissions.

Owner and group of the nextcloud folder should never be root, it should be the owner and group of the web server. When you have root access, you should be able to change that. On what system is the installation? What method did you use for installation?