Can’t access Nextcloud outside local server

Hello I am a new nextcloud user that has built a nexcloud 12 server with apache/marianDB/mysql on Raspbian Stretch following this guide
Everything works great locally on my network it however I cannot access my server remotely. I have attempted the ios app and remote browser. I have opened ports 81 and 443 on my Netgear router. I had to change default port 80 as another service was using it. My admin account doesnt show any kind of log and I dont know how to generate logs to try and troubleshoot the problem. I have tried everything I can think of. I have UTF firewall set but I have allowed my ports to be open on that as well. I have also configured Let’s Encrypt to generate SSL certificate and had no errors thrown.

@JasonBayton I would love if you could take a look at this a similar thread you anwsered was helpful.

Update using yougetsignal I have proof that my ports are open. Nextcloud contiunes to time out on remote access. Interestingly, time out also occurs with VPN.

Hey, message me you server URL and I’ll take a look my side