Can someone help me get fulltextsearch and ocr running on NC17?

I’m in need of some help getting the aforementioned “apps” working correctly on my NC17 install. I’m out of my depth. HELP :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it will be difficult for anyone to help you, because you aren’t providing any valuable information in your request :frowning_face:

Although I’m personally not using this function, I could imagine that a good start would be

  • to describe your server and software environment.
  • to describe what you’ve already tried to get it running, e.g. using the search function of this forum.
  • to describe where you’re running into an error.
  • to describe what Nextcloud has written into its log file.


Thanks for your prompting. . .

Fedora 10
NC 17

Does anyone want to make some $ making OCR / Full Text Search work on my instance?

…and what else?