Can sell the setup and maintenance of an Nextcloud instance


I would like to know if it’s authorized to sell the deployment and maintenance of a nextcloud instance on a custom standalone server for a client?

well as long as you don’t sell the code it seem to be ok… after all it’s this concept nextcloud inc. is making a living of, as well.

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Alright, I just wanted to be sure of it, even tho it sounded kinda obvious, thanks !

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The freedoms of open source software include running the program as you wish, and distributing copies of your modified versions to others. Since NextCloud is under the AGPL license, a certified open source license by the Open Source Initiative, it’s well within one’s rights to sell setup and maintenance of NextCloud.

As long as you don’t encrypt the source code on your customers’ machines, and leave the contributors’ copyright notice (in the source code) intact, there is nothing to worry about. We help organizations deploy NextCloud and are proud to be part of the open source community.

I am thinking if the licence allow charging for the source code of a self-developed nextcloud app but not nextcloud itself ?


As long as you follow the trademark guidelines (unlike autoize, which violates our trademark heavily), you can do what you want.

In simple terms: if you don’t modify Nextcloud (by changing code or adding apps not on our app store or disabling default apps like Talk, PDF viewer, updatrer or Support app) you can just use it as-is and host it for other people. Unless you are a real partner of Nextcloud GmbH, don’t use our logo to advertise commercial services, you are not a certified provider of services so your customers should not think you have the expertise that real partners of us do.

If you make any of those modifications you MUST remove ALL trademark usage in the user interface. The theming app is not enough for that. You also can’t link to our clients anymore - you are not running Nextcloud so don’t point people to for clients. You can of course build your own clients and test them.