Can not Update Nextcloud

Hi together,

I tryied to update nextcloud on my QNAP through the terminal but I always get an error “unkown user:www-data”

Does anybody has an idea what I am doing wrong?

I’m not familiar with QNAP NAS, but most likely the user under which the web server is running differs from other distributions. Try to find out the name of the user by checking the running processes, like e.g. ps -ef|grep -E "http|apache"

thanks! found out that the web server is running under the admin user. But know I get the error “php: command not found”…

The message means that you need to provide the path to the php cmmand line program, because it isn’t part of the search path. Due to the fact that your questions are related to specific QNAP functions, it might be worse to look at the QNAP forum for an answer.