Can not login: too many requests

I know this is an old(er) thread… but I’m having this issue and can’t seem to resolve it. I saw some people left everything alone for some hours and it started working. I didn’t touch anything with NC from any device for 3 days and it’s still throwing this error. I tried apt install sudo on my nextcloud terminal then running this command and the output was below. This is literally a brand new install. First time trying to sign in, I’m getting the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

the error message indicates the command didn’t run at all because of memory issue.
maybe you can fix it by passing memory_limit=512M parameter e.g.

sudo -u www-data php -d memory_limit=512M /var/www/html/occ security:bruteforce:reset

but you should troubleshoot the memory issue as well.

P.S. In general - please start new thread and provide a reference to an issue you find helpful