Can not get any push notification from Mobile calls & chat while using Andriod Talk APP

When launching Talk(For Android) APP for the first time, it will display a small message on the screen,saying “the system push notification was disabled”, and then I can not get any system push notification when others send message to me, neither chat nor mobile call message, unless keep the Talk APP running on the top of screen.

Who can help me solve this problem? Thanks sincerely!

What Android System?

I have tested many devices with different Android version( from android 10 to 12),and get the same result, for test details
GitHub talk-android issue link

Push notifications rely on Google services. Since your devices, at least one of them you mentioned in the GitHub issue, do not use Goggle services, you will not be able to recieve these notifications. This also applys to the F-Droid and GitHub apk releases of the app, when you install them on a device with Google services enabled. In order for push notifications to work your device needs to have Google service enabled and you have to install the app through the Google Play Store.

Maybe you can work around this by using MicroG and then installing the app via the Aurora Store.

There is also this: NextPush | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository But I have not tested it and I don’t know if it is of any use in conjunction with Nextcloud Talk.

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I also tested talk-android with device that installed Google Service, and installed talk from Google Play, but the notification push did not work either :cold_sweat:

It looks like other users in this issue get the same result using the app installed from Google Play. No notifications in Android app #1498

Ah ok. Sorry then I don’t know what exactley the issue is. I tested Nextcloud Talk from time to time and while notifications did work, I never found it reliable enough for instant messaging or unanounced calls. It’s more like a Slack or Mattermost equivalent than an instant messanger like WhatsApp or Signal… However if notifications do not work at all, even with the Play Store version of the app and Google Services enabled, you are right and it is probably a bug in the app or some incompatibility with the specific Android implementation of your phone vendor…

In China, almost all android phone can not use google service because google is disabled and not can not visit/reach by internet in China, like HUAWEI, Xiaomi ,Vivo and etc . and almost of Chinease mobile phone installed a very popule public chat apps named WeChat(Tencent Ltd.,OTCMKTS: TCEHY, ), its notification works very well.
we use nextcloud talk want to send text message and make phone call in private zone. but if nextcloud talk could not notification, will miss a lot important message. and can’t make voice and video call because no notification to accept.
so could you please update nextcloud talk notification independently and without google service like WeChat?