Can not connect LOCAL folder

I`m trying to mount /mnt/deemix folder as external storage. The folder is located on the same external drive where Nextcloud is install just different folder.

Any idea what I`m doing wrong?

Cc @szaimen

A perfect candidate for the script. :slight_smile:

You mean the new smbserver script?

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@V_N It seems like it is a bit unrelated but would you be interested in setting up a SMB-server with a script which completely simplifies the setup process? It also supports mounting a directory that you wish to Nextcloud as local external storage, which fits kind of perfect into this topic.

How it works: you execute the script and create one SMB-user. Afterwards you can create a SMB-share. During the creation of the SMB-share, you will be asked if you want to mount that directory to Nextcloud as local external storage.
Advantage is, that you will have a working SMB-server afterwards and have the directory mounted to your Nextcloud as local external storage.
Only disadvantage in this case is that it installs the smb-service (if this is not something that you want)

Here you can find the source code. Feedback is very welcome! I hope it helps!

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Sorry. I can not find an error. Perhaps you can set the rights (rwxrwxrwx) to the same rights than nextcloud. Also you can test not a subdir on /mnt bzw. in in your nextcloud folder. Please post errors. On my server “local” works fine for me.

@szaimen @enoch85
I think SMB is an overhead if not really needed.