Can Nextcloud work at all on self hosting?

I had Nextcloud running nicely until last update when it went to Neverland where it stayed in a state of Maintenance mode. I deleted and re-installed with Softaculous. It allows me to login and when showing the errors to hosting support they say that some of the errors can’t be accomplished on my current hosting but seem nebulous on letting me know what I actually need to run a successful Nextcloud install. I just want a working instance of Nextcloud for my small online business, I really don’t care what company can provide me with the environment and tools to make that happen. Although the idea of a VPS setup that can also run my Tastyworks trading software platform would be ideal. Here’s the Administration log.

Security & setup warnings

It’s important for the security and performance of your instance that everything is configured correctly. To help you with that we are doing some automatic checks. Please see the linked documentation for more information.

There are some warnings regarding your setup.

  • MySQL is used as database but does not support 4-byte characters. To be able to handle 4-byte characters (like emojis) without issues in filenames or comments for example it is recommended to enable the 4-byte support in MySQL. For further details read [the documentation page about this :arrow_upper_right:].

  • The “Strict-Transport-Security” HTTP header is not set to at least “15552000” seconds. For enhanced security, it is recommended to enable HSTS as described in the [security tips :arrow_upper_right:].

  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/webfinger”. Further information can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:]

  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/nodeinfo”. Further information can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:

  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/caldav”. Further information can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:]

  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/carddav”. Further information can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:]

  • You have not set or verified your email server configuration, yet. Please head over to the Basic settings in order to set them. Afterwards, use the “Send email” button below the form to verify your settings.

  • Your installation has no default phone region set. This is required to validate phone numbers in the profile settings without a country code. To allow numbers without a country code, please add “default_phone_region” with the respective [ISO 3166-1 code :arrow_upper_right:]of the region to your config file.

  • No memory cache has been configured. To enhance performance, please configure a memcache, if available. Further information can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:](

Please double check the [installation guides :arrow_upper_right:], and check for any errors or warnings in the [log](h

Check the security of your Nextcloud over [our security scan :arrow_upper_right:]


[Nextcloud Hub 3] (25.0.1)


Your version is up to date.

You can change the update channel below which also affects the apps management page. E.g. after switching to the beta channel, beta app updates will be offered to you in the apps management page.

Update channel:


You can always update to a newer version. But you can never downgrade to a more stable version.
*Note that after a new release the update only shows up after the first minor release or later. We roll out new versions spread out over time to our users and sometimes skip a version when issues are found. Learn more about updates and release channels at

Any ideas why the support would say my current hosting can’t accomodate Nextcloud?

It works fine on self-hosting if it’s set up correctly.

Each error is fairly specific and almost all include a reference on how to resolve it. You’ll have to go through them one by one and resolve each issue.

Part of it is going to be stuff you need to learn to maintain your system… for example deleting it because it’s stuck in maintenance mode is probably not the thing to do.

Take a look at the NextcloudPi-Project

Many of these issues you are facing are covered by NextcloudPi.

“NextcloudPi is a Nextcloud instance that is preinstalled, preconfigured and includes a management interface with all the tools you need to self host your private data in a single package.”

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